Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is Maturity Good?

Ok - So how is maturity reached? And when do we know it has been reached? Why does it have to be reached?

Being in relationship and at the other end of someone else’s rubber band of maturity or lack there of sometimes is not always easy. Also for me – too mature for my age trying hart to be perfect - I tend to hold my partner to those my self scrutiny.

So, lethal combo for my partner. I have found myself hearing him say things and knowing what he is about to say and then finding myself saying to myself (I know) - - “he did not just say that? How old is he?” And recently I have been finding myself saying this to him out loud. Which is why I am writing about it because it is probably something I should not be saying out loud. Right?

So I find myself dealing with two difficult issues; accepting the person that I love at his level of maturity or lack there of (in some instances) and keeping at bay my perfectionist high bar of wanting him to change like me or be mature like me.

I love this man – he loves me. If anyone needs to change it would be me. And it is because I am way way too mature for my own good most of the time. So much so that I make myself sick at the lack of fun that I keep myself from having because I am too mature….

The fun reminders I have at how not being mature all the time is when my wonderful friends and I get together for “game night.” That is when I allow myself to regress to a child like state (less maturity) and I have fun.

So in the near future another game night will soon ensue…

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here Goes

So my generation has been privy to some amazing industrial advances; black and white TV's which use to hum as it warmed up to turn on to DVR's; microwaves (which is still refuse to use); Atari to Wii Fitness and of course computers. The class in high school that has served my life was 10th grade typing. I started on a manual typewriter and when the IBM selectric came out - WOW was that just as great as sliced bread! From there I made a living using a Brother word processor when computers soon followed with WordPerfect as being my best friend - reveal codes was the bomb! Now Word has world domination. Then the internet, still so much out in the cyber-world that I have not explored - I am still a bit overwhelmed by it all. So starting my first blog now has a likeness of taking an imaginary flight into outer space - so much unfamiliar space yet to be experienced by me. However, from what I hear and have read from so many friends it seems it can really be a wonderful experience.